April 27, 2017

Constitutional Reform to Create a Judicial Labor System for more Legal ertainty for Companies and Workers.


Constitutional Reform to create a judicial labor system for more legal certainty for companies and workers.

February 28, 2017


On February 24, 2017 it was published in the Mexican Official Gazette, a labor Reform of article 123 fraction A of the Constitution, which is already approved by the majority of the local Legislatures, and deeply affects the Mexican labor law.

The reform, in general provides the following amendments:

  1. The elimination of the Conciliation and Arbitration Labor Boards and the creation of labor courts, at the federal and state level.
  2. Keeping up with the new oral systems, the reform set forth the creation of Conciliation Centers in a local level as a first filter prior to the judicial procedures and the creation of a Federal decentralized institution; dependent on the Ministry of Labor, that will undertake the obligation of register the collective labor agreements and the labor unions.
  3. The reform set forth the free and secret vote in the election of the union officers and in the decision to call to strike, in order to evidence the support of the employees.


The Reform provides a one year period term once it is enforceable to create the corresponding Regulation, which must include among others; a National Code of Labor Procedures, the organic law of the Centers of Conciliation and of the decentralized institution.



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